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Drew & Brittany -- The Break-Up

A few days ago, Brittany told Drew it was over and broke up with him.

That's right -- the stupid white bitch dumped her nigger boyfriend.

She's talking about it, but not giving specifics. She's mentioned that they go to different schools, that it's "a bunch of things" that moved her to dump him, that it's no one's business.

Of course, she also keeps saying how she has to be strong LMAO.  So SHE dumps HIM and SHE has to be strong? Her slut girlfriends are telling her how sorry they are and she's accepting their sympathy.

Others are getting on her case and pissing her off, pressing for details. Drew isn't on Facebook or Twitter, so I don't know how he's feeling.

As someone told Brittany, it won't be long before she has another nigger boyfriend, and it won't be long before Drew is fucking some other white girls.

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